Twitter what?

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Tonight, in the freelance workshop I am taking, I learned about networking. And Twitter.

Ugh. I’ve done so well thus far staying off of the twitter band wagon, trying to keep from joining what I’ve always seen at the worst part of Facebook – the status updates. But apparently, it’s the way to go if you want to network social. They say it’s like having a conversation with someone.

I’m having a difficult enough time (much like the rest of the world, I imagine) thinking of topics for the blog, now I have to figure out how to have a conversation with someone that isn’t in the same room as me, with text only and a limited word count!?

Oh, wait. I do that every day. It’s called text messaging.

I definitely had that realization during the workshop, which is when my thought processes changed slightly. Apparently, and I guess only people in the so called “twitterverse” are truly aware of this, but there are ways of seeing tweets and responding privately, or publicly. There are ways to organize conversations based on hashcodes or… something that sounds like hashcodes… has to do with # and other letters or what not, I’ll have to look this up a little bit.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit misguided about this whole Twitter thing. I’ve looked at it as just “I ate tuna with my fingers and then smeared the juice on my cheeks, lolz” kind of status update. But apparently it’s not. It’s a “saw this site about something related to something I’m interested in and I know some of the people following me are interested in this stuff too so I’m posting it on my twitter account” kind of place. Then people will be like “@asilisis thx that was totally coolz” or something like that. Or maybe they’ll say “@asilisis what did you think about that thing that that person said in the link you posted about the goats and the kitties getting put in a blender” (ok, that one’s a bit of an inside joke, see the asterisk below…)

Though, on reflection, I image most of the rest of the world is already aware of the finer points of twitter…

Anyway, what was I saying? (I got distracted because I was writing the note to go with the asterisk before I forgot). la la la Twitter, right. Ok, so I’m going to create a Twitter account. In fact I’ll do it right now.

Two seconds.

Ok, technically for you it won’t even be two seconds because you’re not reading this while I’m writing and I’m actually wasting my two seconds as I’m typing this but my fingers just won’t stop.

Alright, it’s done. Wow, was that ever easy…. now what do I do? uh… ok, first thoughts, are you ready?

1) uh… what?

2) where do I update my profile?

3) who do I search? no really… who do I search??

4) I want a picture, how do I get my picture on there? how are people going to know who I am without my picture?! I don’t think I have a good picture *starts riffling through pictures* I don’t have a good picture!!

5) Profile!? What do I write for the about me section? Oh geez, I hate about me sections… uh. uh. uh.

And that’s when I noticed that, before I did any of this, I had to confirm I was a person by clicking on the link in the email that twitter so kindly sent me.

That’s also when I noticed that I am officially hooked. It doesn’t take much, mind you, to hook me onto something… usually just a new gadget in which I can invest what little spare time I have left… and it appears that twitter does just that!

Watch out, next thing you know I’m going to get a black berry… or worse, an iphone. *gasp* oh the horrors!!!!

*once, a long long time ago, someone asked me what Giddy meant, and I, being the insane person I am wrote: “when you put a goat and a kitty in a blender, drink the resulting liquid and then you’re bouncing off the walls for hours and laughing like a maniac.”

No, I’d never do that. No, I have never done that. No I don’t think that’s what Giddy actually is, and if anyone tries that because of this blog I’m almost certain that the goat will kick them and the kitty will scratch them and it’ll be a failed experiment all around. And if that doesn’t work, I will hit them over the head with a pineapple.

So, don’t do it!

Anyone else on Twitter? Wanna follow me? Search asilisis.

Anyone else on Twitter? Wanna follow me (well, wait a couple of days until I get the hang of it, cuz it might take me a while OH I have a follower!!)