Concussions and Coffee

I got a mild concussion at my soccer game last Thursday. I like to maintain that it wasn’t really all that bad… any other day prior to January and I would’ve just shaken it off and gone back to the game. I’m tough like that (some might say the more appropriate word is stupid, but I pride myself I being able to take a bad hit and still keep moving).

The fact is that this year, during the indoor season, I’ve just had bad luck with getting smacked in the face with the soccer ball. Repetitively. It started when I head butted a soccer ball that was as hard as a rock – seriously, it felt like head butting a boulder – and I had a migraine the next day. In hindsight, that probably should have been my first warning sign, but who really pays attention to warnings nowadays? Honestly now.

Every week after that incident, my face was like a magnet for the soccer ball. Try as I might, I either had to headbutt the ball (I say “had” losely, because it wasn’t like I was forced to… it’s just my soccer instincts kicking in… pun kind of intended) or the ball was kicked full speed into my face. Long story short, my brain was getting a little ticked off. So, Thursday night while I was playing in nets (where I could use my hands… the irony isn’t really lost on me) the ball was kicked with such force at my face that my jaw snapped shut and my head whipped back. Cue disorientation and a wave of pain followed by sitting with my head in my hands until I stopped feeling crazy dizzy. I was relegated to the bench for the rest of the game and am missing the next game (so sad… I never miss a game!)

Then comes Friday. Any reasonable person would have called in sick. I’m pretty sure that you all realize I’m not reasonable. I’m sitting a work, still rather out of it, head sore (not painful, just sore), brain not working at 100%, jaw also sore (chewing was difficult) and you know what I wanted more than anything? Coffee. So, like the diligent Google generation child that I am, I ask the trusty search engine if I can consume caffiene when mildly concussed. Was there an answer? No.

Google didn’t know.

I know, I’m baffled too! When has Google ever failed to know the answer to my very important questions? Never. So I went to the next source, coworkers and friends. We got some mixed reviews. So I had some tea. 

Then W. emailed me and said that coffee was ok, and I had some coffee too.

The End. Problem solved. Concussions and coffee are combinable.  

Please note that I am not a doctor. If you have a real concussion, you know… with blacking out and hospital time, you should ask your doctor before doing anything that I suggest.