The Hummus Experiment

Holy cows and their crud, I’m posting another post & it’s been less than a full 48 hours. Go me!

I bought all of these ingredients this week and figured I’d do something with them one recipe at a time so as not to overwhelm my poor, easily-confused brain. I decided to start with hummus because I figure it’ll keep long enough in my fridge. And if it doesn’t (because I ate it) well, no one has to know. Except you guys… and you can keep a secret right? Right?

Back to the hummus. Ages ago I purchased an iPad app called the Whole Foods Market. This is my first time looking at their website and they actually have WAY more recipes there than on their app. If any of them read this, I demand more recipes on the app. Not because I’ll use them… more because I like looking a food I can’t eat.

Simply Delicious Homemade Hummus

Taste – Simple. Delicious. Homemade. Hummus. The name pretty much says it all, though if you’re a spice lover, I’d add more cayanne/chili powder to the mix to increase the heat a bit.

Preparation Score – It was surprisingly simple to make… I’d give it 3 unsliced fingers out of 4
(one’s a thumb, silly)

Overall Outcome – we’ll see how my guests like it…

The Recipe

I was going to post it here for your viewing pleasure, but you might as well go right to the source – I might mess up the copy & paste process. So, click HERE for the recipe. But, because I like you and to satisfy my need to look at food I can’t eat, here’s the picture of the “finished” product:

So delicious I could eat it up! But with chips... none of this vegetable stuff.

For the record (as you’ll have learned in my Grocery Shopping Review) where it says Garbanzo beans, it really means chick peas. Just so you know.


Now for my hummus experiment! Everyone get your white lab coats and protective goggles, this could get messy (no seriously… it did.)

First step – collect the ingredients

This was an interesting process in which I dug through the multitude of stuff I bought this week going, “what was this again?” and then figured it out, because I have a memory. Here are the ingredients, in no particular arrangement (minus pecans… apparently I really did need those. Oops):

All separate like that, they don't look like trouble. But trust me, trouble is their middle names. Yes. All of them have trouble as their middle name. Ok, maybe it's their last name.

Second step – wash the new blender

I bought a brand new blender specifically for my cooking excursions. Just a warning, don’t touch the blades… they’re really sharp. And it hurts. Though, I must admit, the hardest part was putting the damn thing back together again. All those parts and nothing seemed to fit!

Third step – start putting stuff in the blender

(picture me here reading the recipe & putting stuff in the blender… then I turn, an excited look on my face as I press the blender button. Brimming with unexpressed emotion, little fists shaking, I cheer “I LOVE BLENDERS!!!”)

It’s surprisingly fun to watch something be torn apart by the sharp blades that were previously trying to shred my poor fingers. *insert evil laugh* die cloves, die!

Fourth Step – Mess Up

(now picture me carefully measuring out the water, the tamari, the lemon juice.. and then reaching for the tamari again)

So, I messed up. In a royal fashion. And it’s amusing to me because I had this bottle of tamari… and it holds quite a bit of a soy sauce product that smells kind of like what I imagine day old beer mixed with vinegar would smell like. While I was pouring in 3 tablespoons I was thinking about how I would write this experience… mentioning what a waste it was to buy a whole bottle of something that I will never use again just for 3 tablespoons… then I realized that I’d read the recipe wrong… It wasn’t supposed to be 3 tablespoons of tamari. It was supposed to be 3 tablespoons of tahini & 1/2 a tablespoon of tamari.

*insert loud words inappropriate for young ears*

Fifth Step – Fix the Screw Up

Before you right off this poor humus experiment as a failure, I’ll have you know that I did something right – I didn’t press the button on the blender to blend the liquid & solid ingredients. My solution – drain all of the liquids (salvaging as much of the garlic & chickpeas as I could) and then start over. In goes the water, lemon juice, taHINi, taMARi, etc. etc. I’m fairly certain I’ve rescued the experiment from certain death by disgusting-ness.

Note to self – read better.

Sixth Step – Regret Buying a Blender instead of a Food Processor

After my panic, I thought it would be smooth sailing from there… but alas no. That was not the case. First there was a 5 minute fight with the blender. Then the suspicious odour of burning plastic. Followed by another 5 minute fight with the blender. But never fear. I got through this.

Seventh Step – Garnish, Taste & Enjoy

And this, my friends, is my finished product:

I think the pictures in recipe books are all lies. This is what real hummus looks like. Yo.

The last step in this hummus experiment shouldn’t be difficult. I have to cut up fresh parsley and “garnish” the hummus with it. Like little green garlands. Only not… cuz it’ll be parsley. But I think I’ll ask someone else to handle that on Saturday… if the hummus makes it to Saturday. Mwahahahaha!

Stay tuned for more cooking experiments – I made guacamole! 

PS. Here’s a random picture of my hummus in the fridge

The hummus is keeping the beer company... and for the record. This is the most food I've had in my fridge since I moved in 2 years ago.

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