Sweet & Sour Balls – Part 2

So I gave you the meatball recipe in part 1… now for the Tofuball recipe. The idea for the tofu balls came about because I had 9 oz of tofu left over from my red pepper cream/sauce/dip/spread and I knew that if I didn’t use it for the gathering I’d never use it. It’d probably ACTUALLY grow green spuds like a chia pet. Then I could tell my mom she was right.

(note – I didn’t take pictures of this process either, so you get my random, internet searched images)

Tofu Balls

These look nothing like mine... But they look delicious!

Taste – the most surprising thing ever is that these tasted like meatloaf. It doesn’t make sense, I know. But they did.

Overall Preparation score – 10 outa 10 on the mixing; several mushy blobs on the ball rolling….

Overall Outcome – the dish wasn’t so much tofu balls as tofu mush covered in sweet and sour sauce. But it was still surprisingly good.

The Recipe

The first step was finding a recipe for the tofu balls – and I couldn’t call my mom for this one. She really doesn’t like tofu… (that’s a bit of an understatement).

You can check the recipe out here at food.com. It was the third recipe I looked at and seemed to have enough ingredients that I could substitute or that I deemed unnecessary (because I’m an expert, right?).

The ingredients I left out (so that the tofu balls would be wheat free… and also because I didn’t have any):

  • 1/2 cup breadcrumbs , gluten-free
  • rice flour , to roll the balls in

The ingredients I substitued:

The Squishiness That Wouldn’t Roll

Apparently the breadcrumbs and the rice flour were essential to creating a perfect tofu ball. Who knew. My tofu balls were a squishy, sticky paste that I asked one of my guests to roll. He had some issues (and ended up with more tofu paste on his hands than in the balls). They tasted really good though, so there’s that…

After the tofu was in a ball shape, I peeled them off of the plate and put them in a baking pan. Then I poured the sweet & sour sauce on them and popped them in the oven for 30 – 45 minutes.

Meat… I Mean… Tofu Loaf

The end result tasted like meatloaf. I kid you not. Meat. Loaf.

Not this Meat Loaf though. I don't suggest mistaking him for something edible. Unless you want to... in which case, to each his or her own.

It was delicious, in small doses… though the texture left something to be desired. I ate quite a bit, but couldn’t eat more than a few spoonfulls at a time before feeling like the chunky, slippery mass sliding down my throat was something completely inedible. Good thing these were appetizers and not a full meal.

The Moral of this Story

Don’t experiment with vegan tofu balls. Follow the recipe and enjoy. But I probably won’t be making them again, so it’s ok.

That was part 2 of the Sweet & Sour balls story. Part 3 – The End & Sauce is coming up soon!

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