Rubber Boots Song

The above comic is my rubber boots song. I made it up on Tuesday because I had purchased a pair of rubber boots two weeks ago during a torrential downpour and I knew when I bought the boots that I’d probably only ever need them after work, when I couldn’t get them.

My best friend D and I go to the movies every Tuesday night. This week, it was raining (much like it has done every Tuesday since that torrential downpour…) Our BBM conversation went a little something like this:

ME: (after looking outside in the rain) Rubber boots. Rubber boots. Do whatever rubber boots do. Keep my feet! Nice and dry. Don’t let that rain inside. Watch OOUUUTT gunna get my rubber boots…

D: Nice Song. You should keep it for your kids.

ME: Oh, I will.

D: 🙂 I want it for mine.

ME: I will sing it on rainy days. And every time I walk past my rubber boots and when I wear my rubber boots. It will be our rubber boots song and it will be wonderful.

D: Write a book for kids starting with the rubber boots song

ME: That’s a great idea. But it’s hard to -write- songs. I’ll have to record it. But I think the spider man theme song guys would get upset.

ME: We don’t have to tell them though.

D: I’m sure you were singing in your head.

ME: It’s to the spider man song though.

D: No, we definitely don’t have to tell them.

ME: I don’t want to get sued for taking someone’s copyrighted tune and making up new lyrics in my head

I ended up writing the scenes for a comic (which would start with the above panel) but then I remembered that my talent with Microsoft Paint is not sufficient to create said comic and I decided to post the above panel and that conversation). I will research other ways to create said comic and will post it here when it’s done!

Spoiler – my comic would’ve ended with men in spiderman costumes kidnapping my character with webbing. It would’ve been epic.

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