The Torrential Downpour

On May 29, there was the craziest rain storm I’ve seen in a long time.

Notice the water is almost half way up the SUV’s wheel… and this was only 10 minutes into the downpour (ok, maybe it was closer to 30 minutes).

Rivers and lakes my friends. River and lakes. And it got worse than this by the time I started walking.

D. and I had agreed to meet at the theatre. She’d already bought the tickets (we went to see MIB 3, which is so not worth the money. Rent it, watch it online. Don’t watch it in theatres). At first, I attempted to stay dry. After leaving work I ran to the Bureau en Gros (that’s Staples everywhere except Quebec) and bought their last umbrella. Then I waited 5 minutes to see if either a bus would come or the rain would let up. Neither happened.

So I gritted my teeth and started walking to the metro (that’s the subway everywhere except Quebec… at least, everywhere in Canada…) Since the metro station is about two blocks away from the Bureau en Gros, I figured I’d arrive a least somewhat dry if I just avoided the worst of the puddles.


There weren’t puddles my friends. There were lakes. And rivers. The sidewalk was a series of island in the midst of a giant ocean of water. A boat would have been convenient. But alas, I didn’t have a boat and by the time I got to the end of the street I was soaked to my knees.

Then I stepped off the sidewalk and plunged into a river so deep the water was half way up my thigh. The “undertow” was actually strong enough that I feared I might tip over and plunge into the river!

When I boarded the metro, the only dry spot on my body was my bum. And my head. I joked around with the lady sitting next to me until my stop. I was promptly stopped from walking through the underground to D & my’s pre-arranged meeting spot. Apparently, the rain was so strong that two entire mall systems were flooded from the toilets. The Toilets.

Back on the metro I went for one stop. I met D. at Old Navy in the Eaton Centre, knowing that Old Navy is good for sweats and rubber boots.

They weren’t.

Since Old Navy had failed us, we decided to check Garage, but then remembered that the clothes there are made for people who don’t eat. So D. suggested Ardene….

Surprisingly, Ardene has clothes! That fit me! Granted I had to get extra large, but whatever. They were dry and warm. So I left Ardene with new black track capris and sweater (ended up buying a set for D in gray because both were buy 2 for a cheaper price) and five pairs of ankle socks; next step – rubber boots.

Now, I haven’t owned rubber boots since I was little so finding some weren’t going to be easy (at least that’s what I thought). We went to Payless and lucky me, they had a sale!

These are my new rubber boots:

I have worn them twice. Once that night (ironically/unfortunately, by the time we left the movie theatre it had stopped raining thus making my rubber boots unnecessary. But hey, I looked like a soccer mom who decided to go to the theatre in her track suit, so that made up for it!)

The second time I wore them was Tuesday night. There was another rain storm that started while I was at work and all I could think was “if only I had my rubber boots”. Before heading to the theatre to watch Snow White and the Huntsman (that is definitely a movie worth seeing in theatres! I suggest you see it) we met at my place where I put on my rubber boots.

It was fantastic.

I sang the rubber boots song the whole time.

In my head though… I didn’t want the spider man theme song owners to hear.

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