My Phone Adventures

Tonight I’m taking a break from blogging about NaNoWriMo to share with you a horrifying story of triumph and despair.

Act 1 – The Loss

Picture, if you will, a dark night. The cold breeze almost moving the autumn foliage that litters the ground. Almost, but not quite. A young lady (myself, if you must know) walks at a brisk pace toward the bus stop. A heavy engine revs behind her. She turns her head, spotting the bus she wants mere blocks away. Panicked, she starts to run.

A heavy object bounces at her feet. She looks down and then behind her as she continues to run onward.

It must have been a piece of garbage, she thinks then dashes for the bus.

*time passes with an uneventful, and short bus ride*

The young girl disembarks, amazed at how soon she had arrived.

What time is it anyway, she wonders, reaching into her coat pocket.

Her light, half empty coat pocket.

What? Her hands dart in and out of her pockets, searching for that one item that has managed to keep her connected for years. That one line to the outside world, the world of family, friends and colleagues; the world of facebook, twitter and email; the world of alarms so that she can wake up relatively on time in the mornings…. or at least know how late she’s going to be if she doesn’t get up.

Her phone was gone. Missing. Lost, if you will, from her sight. Forever? Maybe not.

She stood at a crossroads. No, literally… there were two roads she could take, one leading to her destination and one that didn’t. Of course, she also stood at a figurative crossroads. Would she jump on the next bus going back to where she was almost certain, but not quite 100% certain that she’d dropped her phone. Or would she continue on to her destination – the soccer field, where her teammates waited on her and wouldn’t know she was going to be late, because she had no way to tell them.

The dilemmas! The suspense! The drama! The uncertainty! The panic! The in…. I digress. It only took her a few seconds to know that she would continue to her destination and search for her phone later. After all, it’s just a phone. Right?


Act 2 – The Panic

I’m will breeze over this part a little bit by writing it like a normal person. After realizing that the piece of garbage I’d kicked was my cell phone, I really did panic a little. No hyperventilating or anything (given I was playing soccer, that would’ve been very bad). What I DID do was tell everyone on my soccer team individually and together about how I lost my cell phone. I’m pretty sure only two of them were listening, one of whom called my cell for me. Or at least dialled my number and gave me the phone. No one picked up. I determined that that could be a good thing or a bad thing and thus was an inconclusive action.

A few seconds later, I had roped in a friend to call my phone repeatedly after the game until I found it. We decided that if someone answered, she should get them to stand on the corner of the street until I arrived. In fact, here’s our conversation:

S: So, I’ll tell them to look for the forlorn girl

Me: yes, tell them I’ll be looking at the sidewalk, crying a little and I’ll be wearing. uh… clothes.

S: Right, and if they’ve taken your phone and gone home?


S: (triumphantly) I’ll Facebook you!

Me: Yes! Because I can STILL ACCESS FACEBOOK without my phone! Fantastic!

Me: I’m worried about tomorrow morning though, I use my phone as an alarm.

S: Well, I can just call you in the morning if you want.

Me: Yeah! that’d be great, th… wait.

S:Oh yeah…

(you can’t make this stuff up people!)

So, after much complaining and drawing attention of myself-ing, I decided not to bring it up again. Instead I went over all the reasons why losing my phone wasn’t sooooo bad. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • I’d get to upgrade from a BlackBerry to an iPhone (depending on the cost of course, but there has to be some place, some where that are selling iPhone 4s on the cheap)

That was all I got. Seriously.

Here is the list of things that were horrible about losing my phone:

  • No Alarm to wake me up – my phone is the only alarm I have. I used to have a cheapo Ikea alarm clock, but it died after less than a year (not surprising, it was only $2)
  • No calling my boyfriend or, well, ANYONE for at least a day – my cell is the ONLY PHONE I HAVE. I do not have a landline. I could use my phone at work, but who would be available to talk between 9 and 5? No one, that’s who.
  • No contact information – all of my contacts are in my cell phone, including my best friend’s new phone number in Toronto, which I haven’t memorized yet and have NO WHERE else. Oh the agony! Oh the distress!
  • How would I tell what time it was?! – this one is irrational. I have an iPod that tells time. And a computer clock. And a microwave (though I haven’t set the clock on it yet… I should probably do that) but still, rationality does not pan into your reasoning when you’ve lost your phone
  • Someone could pick up my phone and access all of my emails, Social Medias and etc. – except my phone locks (THANK GOODNESS) but again, rationality plays no part in panic mode.

There are a few others I came up with, but now that I’m no longer in panic mode, I can’t remember what they are.

At one point during my soccer game, I subbed off and had a moment where I wasn’t in panic mode. Then I remembered and whispered “I lost my phone”. My friend (the same nice guy who let me call my phone from his phone) was standing beside me… he said something funny that I can’t remember. Which helped. Laughter always helps. If you ever meet someone in my situation, make them laugh. Tell them funny jokes (not phone related) and get them to play soccer because nothing makes you forget your problems like laughter and soccer! And pain in your joints!

Act 3 – The Search

I left the game almost immediately after it ended, pausing to change out of my cleats. Even so, I still missed the bus going home. When I checked the time, it said that the next bus wouldn’t be for ten minutes, so I figured I would walk. My reasoning was that I would get closer to my phone, faster.

For once, this proved to be incredibly true.

I ended up running/jogging most of the way (panic mode had taken hold of me) so I got to the bus stop where this entire story started before my bus even arrived.

Once there, I first asked the lone person waiting for the bus if they’d seen/heard a phone ringing (because my friend S had said she would call me repeatedly and all). He looked at me weird. Then said no. Then continued looking at me weird. I walked onward, head down, one foot shifting leaves as I walked to the end of the street where I was fairly certain I had dropped my phone.

My search continued for a few minutes, fruitlessly. Then, the most angelic person in the whole wide world appeared, her long black coat and cute brown hair framing a wise, youthfully aged face.

“Did you lose something?” said this angel.

“Yes, my phone.” After which I proceeded to tell her my woeful story.

“Would you like some help looking?”  she asked.

“Oh my goodness, yes, thank you!” After a second, a heart beat really, she stopped.

“Why don’t you call your phone now, just let me find mine in my cavernous bag,” (she really did say cavernous, it was awesome). I continued to search, still finding nothing, when she finally found her phone. (ooo, alliteration!) I called and heard the most beautiful sound in the world.

“It’s ringing! It’s ringing!! It’s over here. And it’s ringing! I’m so happy!” I was so excited and busy yelling with said excitement that she was the one that finally flipped it over (it’s a black, blackberry that was face down in the dirt buried under leaves. How I thought I was going to find it, I don’t know) It was at that moment that I was grateful for two things:

  1. That my phone wasn’t on silent or vibrate as it usually is on a work night… or really any night, because I always forget to change the settings.
  2. That there are people like this fantastic woman who are willing to stop and help complete strangers

Also, I’d like to note that she isn’t actually an angel, just a really nice lady who, according to her husband, is too nosey. If I ever see her again (which I won’t) and she’s with her husband, I’ll make it a point to tell them both how NOT too nosey she is.

So, I hugged my phone tight to my chest, thanked the lady profusely (I think it went something like “if I weren’t all hot and sweaty from playing soccer and then running here, I’d hug you”) After we parted ways, I called my boyfriend to tell him about my adventures.

This is not where the story ends my friends.

Act 4 – The Fall

Upon entering my apartment building, still talking on the phone (because I can! Because I had a phone!!) I felt my newly re-acquired device shift from between my ear and shoulder (my hands were full trying to open the door). I dropped what I was holding, throwing my hands up to catch my poor black berry. It bounced off one hand, ricocheted off the other, bounced off the first hand and smashed into the floor. The back went flying, skidding and sliding until it hit the wall and the battery bounced out.

I was horrified.

I’d just gotten it back after thinking it lost for good and this. THIS is how I repay it? By being careless?! With shaking hands (ok that’s an exaggeration) I put my poor humpty dumpty back together again and prayed it would work.

It did.

Act 5 – The End

So, that was my phone adventure from this evening. I hope you enjoyed this thrilling tale of the trials and tribulations that come with losing your beloved mobile device. Or mine at least.

What have I learned? Well, 1. You should always back up your contacts so that if you DO lose your phone, you won’t lose “everything” and 2. Always wear/buy/have zipper pockets. This entire situation wouldn’t have happened if I’d had a zipper on my pocket. Just sayin’.

My phone is working and still in good shape. The only damage seems to be 4 tiny nick marks on the bottom curve. It’s not even dirty! (though it was really cold when I found it). I think I might get a silver sharpie and write “Nokia” on the back, because it seems to be handling everything really well.

One last thing before I sign off! If I’m missing tomorrow… it’s because my phone was waiting for me to sleep before seeking it’s revenge. I’m almost positive it’s going to do something horrible to me tonight. I think I might leave it in the living room. Except… it’s my alarm.


Ps. this blog is roughly 1,950 words long, so I guess you can say I met my daily word count for NaNoWriMo!! Too bad blogs don’t count. 

3 Responses to “My Phone Adventures

  • hehe your phone definitely is the indestructible nokia! I have to say though: those blackberries are pretty awesome in that respect. We don’t really have to worry about smashed keys or anything! 😀 also: thank god for lovely people!

    • I think I really might get a silver sharpie and write Nokia on the back. Maybe I’ll just name my phone Nokia. It’ll be fun. 🙂

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