Day 17 – NaNoWriMo Update

I took a bit of a break this week. I was up to a little over 28K on Monday night so I decided to socialize. It was a good week. The only problem? Getting back to writing today was very very difficult. I spent the morning watching some shows with W. and the couch was so comfortable that getting up to write seemed like too much of a hassle.

Luckily, I’ve got some stellar NaNoWriMo buddies who were willing to tell me what’s what via Twitter. Especially when I didn’t show up to our pre-arranged online writing session.

Now, here I sit, a few word wars and 2.5K more words later feeling like I accomplished something. And I did. I got myself over the 31K hump. Next goal, get over the 35K hump! But that’s for tomorrow. Or Monday. We’ll see how productive I feel tomorrow.

That was my update. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote today. This was from the first word war. I told my friends that I didn’t know what to write, so they asked BattleJesus for a writing prompt. BattleJesus told me that the dish came back and said it lost the spoon when they made a run for it. THAT’S what I had to incorporate.

Challenge Accepted!

Without further ado, here you go. Enjoy!


She picked up her and Logan’s plates, a bowl and spoon that Nathaniel must have used and brought them to the counter. The boys rustled with their clothing, chatting with each other. It made a pleasant background noise to the domestic task.

The remaining food particles were shovelled into the garbage under the sink. The forks and butter knives went in the cutlery holder, the plates in the appropriate slots. Glasses got rinsed, the water falling over the clear glass creating a rainbow of colours. Clara watched in awe as the colours intensified, joy bubbling up inside her at the way the colours were accentuated by the sun, the window panes, the grass outside and the piles of snow.

She picked up the bowl, rinsing it. She froze, looking inside.

“There was a spoon,” she said, confused.

“Yeah, sorry about that Clara,” the bowl said. “I lost it in when we made a run for it. I think it got away though, so don’t worry about that. It’s in a safe place now. A better place.”

“Where could that be?” Clara asked, bending over to put the bowl in the dishwasher. The white porcelain glistened, rainbows of colours radiating in the sunlight.

“It’s with Nathaniel and Logan now,” the bowl said.

“Outside?” she looked out the window, but didn’t see her boys. Panic rose in her. Where were they? They said they were going outside. Why can’t I see them? “Where are they?” she asked the bowl. It remained silent, the sides mute and colourless. Pale. Dreary.

She stood, her heart beating.

Where are they? Why aren’t they here? They said they were going outside. What did the bowl mean? Where’s the spoon? With Nathaniel and Logan?

She shook her head, her hair bouncing against her cheeks.

This is ridiculous. She thought to herself. They just went outside. I know they’re there. Don’t panic. Don’t be stupid. Stop listening to inanimate objects. How could a bowl talk anyway? Clara, you’re crazy. Stop being crazy and put your coat on. Just walk into the mudroom and put on your jacket. Relax. Ok. Relax.

That’s my post for today. Time to go eat something…. 

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