My BlackBerry Blunders

So, do you remember way back in the fall when my BlackBerry went on an adventure? If not, you can read all about it here.

Go ahead. Read it.

I’ll still be here when you get back.

Ok, so way back in uhh… *goes to page & reads her post again* November (wow, really? November? go figure…) my phone decided that it wanted to hang outside for a bit with the birds and the dirt. Now, as you could tell, it freaked me out by doing this. In fact, I was certain it was all my fault and that it would take its revenge on me.

But nothing happened.

I patted myself on the back, certain that the worst was over. I just had to be more careful with it. You know… had to NOT drop kick it into someone’s garden and leave it there for an hour. So long as I didn’t do THAT again, everything would be fine. And my BlackBerry. Yeah, it’s a forgiving sort! It’s totally fine with that once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. We were totally square. Two peas in a pod. Etc. Etc.

I was wrong.

That crafty S.O.B lured me into a false sense of security. It convinced me that we were best buds, that the past was the past. That the future would hold unicorns and rainbows and popcorn chicken that wouldn’t make me fat.

Vengeance is a dish best served cold I suppose. You don’t really get much colder than the middle of January.

That’s when my phone started randomly shutting off.

By February 1st I was frustrated enough to comment about this ordeal on Facebook.

My BB battery life indicator is broken… at least, that’s what I THINK is wrong with my blackberry and why I THINK the stupid thing keeps shutting off at random moments and then rebooting only to tell me that my battery is dead even though the last time I checked 1/2 the little battery was full of power.

I had suspected revenge at the time, but I think I was still in denial. I didn’t want to believe that my phone – my trusty little BlackBerry that I’d only had for a little over a year and a half, was taking revenge on me for something that, I’d thought, was in the past.

I thought wrong.

I thought so very very wrong.

Random shut downs started occurring more frequently, specifically in the middle of conversations. Without any warning. Oh, at first there was a half hearted meep that I couldn’t identify… but once I’d caught on and was able to quickly finish my conversations after the meep, the meep stopped. Then I got the loud droning noise that indicated the phone itself was still ON but the person on the other side really couldn’t hear me.

That was panic inducing on more than one occasion.

After that came the instant shut downs. I’d be in the middle of a sentence and it would turn off. But I wouldn’t know. I’d still be talking. That damn phone was making me talk to myself.

Can’t you just hear it’s little voice “who are you talking to? There’s no one on the other end. You’re going crazy. Maybe you were never talking to anyone at all” *insert evil laugh here*

So I stopped calling people. I encouraged everyone to text or email me. I could respond to those no problem. Whenever a call came, I either ignored it or picked it up to quickly say


People we not impressed. Though they should have been – I was able to fit that all in one breath!

I got into the groove. I found the lack of phone calls peaceful if I’m going to be completely honest. Things were working out just fine.

I’d been lulled into a false sense of security.


At the beginning of March, my BlackBerry shut off while I was BBMing a friend. We were having an awesome conversation about something or other, when my phone blinked at me, then shut down.

Then it happened again.

Then it stopped blinking first and just went dark.

I never knew when it was going to happen. I never knew who it would happen to. Sometimes the phone would last all day without any problems. Sometimes it wouldn’t last the time it took to get to work.

It was a game of chicken, and my phone was winning.

Now, all this time I kept my colleagues and friends apprised of the situation. It’s only fair. Especially given that my BlackBerry is my only link to the outside world. Well, besides my ipod and computer when I’m at home. But I mean, when I’m not home. And, if people want to call me, my BlackBerry is my only phone. Several of my friends… actually, wait. Family. Suggested I buy a new battery. So I looked one up and it wasn’t overly expensive, however I’m a procrastinator to the nth degree. I’m also very good at telling myself I can just deal with whatever it is that’s causing me to be unhappy because “it’s not that big of a deal”.

So I went on dealing.

Then, last week, my colleague comes to work and says:

So, turns out my wife put a BlackBerry in the car for me to give to you a few months ago. She only just told me now though.

To which I said:

Awesome! Bring it up whenever you can.

Then we both promptly forgot.

On the weekend I got fed up again and looked at some BlackBerry batteries with the longing of a child outside a candy shop who’s going to the dentist and his doctor said he needed to go on a diet. (don’t know why I’m a boy child, but that’s besides the point… it’s also beside the candy store… dammit now I want licorice)

Before I pressed “purchase” – because I actually did get all the way to the paying counter, I remembered that my colleague had a phone for me.

So today. Today my friends. Well, technically yesterday since it’s after midnight… Yesterday! He came up to me first thing and said

I still have that phone in my car

Which we both promptly forgot again.

Then, at 3:55, right before he left – we remembered! I walked him to his vehicle and got said phone (an old old model methinks, but worth trying out). In the elevator, I popped open the back and what did I see?

My battery!

Well, not MY battery, but a battery identical in colour, shape, size, numbering and every other way possible, except it wasn’t warped from being drop kicked or from hatching vengeful schemes in its tiny warped mind!

No, it was a perfect replacement!

So now, here I am with a new battery in my trusty phone. I made my first phone call in three months. It lasted 20 minutes and my phone didn’t shut off (though I was certain it would). In fact, my phone is STILL on. AND it claims to have a full battery life.

*happy dance*

That my friends, is the end of this story. In the future, I advise people who are having battery problems to purchase a new battery for the cheapest they can find (do NOT pay more than you have to! Phones go out of style faster than teenager’s pants. Literally.) I know that I was hesitant to spend more than $20 on a new battery because I’m saving up for the BlackBerry Q10.

I wait for your Qwerty. I wait….