Weekly Update: Progress Report & Orphan Black

Alright. So. I haven’t exactly been living up to my self-directed once-a-week blogging schedule. My bad. Quite literally. I have no one else to blame.

Don’t worry (I know you were worrying)… I’m still doing stuff.

Here’s an update on my personal projects… you know, as proof I’m still doing stuff:

  • Secured an editor for my day planner, so when I finally have the first draft done (soon, I hope), it’ll be looked over by my friend Stephanie MacLean, an expert in looking over things.
  • Started planning my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that’s starting soon? Less than a week! (I’m not nervous, you’re nervous.)
  • Planned, re-planned, revised, etc. my blog’s editorial schedule (because of the not-blogging that’s happened).
  • Worked/working on a home finances budget template for a future blog post (and my mom).
  • Other stuff I haven’t kept track of but I’m confident were important and well-worth the time spent!

Unfortunate Realization

I think my “12 short stories in 2019” goal has gone out the window. I AM hoping that NaNo will get me in the habit of daily writing again, so that in December I can get those stories out of my head and onto the (digital) page.

Also on hold is my website revamp. That’ll have to wait until 2020.


The future is an ever changing landscape of hopes and dreams, my friends.

Some Good News!

Fellow freelancers and self-employed persons will understand when I get excited because I found new clients/projects. Contract workers always have to look for new contracts – that part of the job is never done. I’ll know for sure within the next few weeks if I’ve secured a new regular client (which would be awesome); in the meantime, I have a “one-off” project to work on. *squee*

What I’m Watching

In between not-blogging, looking for new clients/projects, working and trying to plan out a story for November, I’ve been watching Orphan Black (the CTV iPad app has the full series in their “Throwback” category).

People. This show is amazing.

It is a bit much for binging – I find I need to take a break after two episodes or so – but everything from the story, to the character development, to the science and even the fact that one actress plays, like, a million different unique characters is just…. Amazing.

Tatiana Maslany gives each and every one of her characters a unique voice, specific body language and so much more to the point where I have had to remind myself that these aren’t different actresses.

The supporting characters are all fully realized people as well. I’m on Season 3 and their stories just get better. While there is romance, it’s sub-plot rather than overt. It’s also diverse. It’s really nice to see female characters on-screen defined by who they are rather than who they love or what they look like.

Anyway! If you’re looking for a good show to watch, that’s what I’m watching now and I love it.

Well, that was my “weekly” update. See you “next” week when I get my butt in gear and write a long-form post about something interesting!

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