Clever Cactus

Welcome to the temporary home of Clever Cactus!

Clever Cactus exists to help everyone be as organized and prepared as possible for whatever life throws at us. I’m in the process of developing the website, creating the very first official day planner, and writing interesting new content. While you wait for all that to happen, you can browse the “Get Organized” part of my blog (or really, my entire blog…)

I’ll also put a newsletter sign up form here (or somewhere) at some point in the near future… so there’s that to look forward to!

Why a cactus? What do they have to do with organizing your life?

When I was trying to come up with a business name, I started with a few different options. It took me a while, but I finally I latched onto the cactus (figuratively of course, I do not recommend literally grabbing a cactus). Of all the plants in the world, I feel that cacti really represent me, as a person. They’re prickly, but adorable and often pretty when they flower. They don’t need a lot of care to survive, but they do so enjoy a good watering from time to time. They also have medicinal properties – they take care of the people that take care of them. So, really, they’re the perfect plant to represent me. Before I committed to the cactus motif, I needed to make sure cacti have something to do with organizing your life and achieving your goals. Turns out they do… 

Cacti symbolize endurance (they survive in extremely hot climates after all), strength in the face of adversity, tenacity… succeeding even when it seems impossible. When someone gives you a cactus, it means “You can do it!” You are tough, strong, and will achieve your goals. This cemented the cactus as my spirit plant. Er… I mean, as my business name. 

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