Let's transform your ideas into quality content.

Lisa Hoekstra


Often the most difficult part of any project is finding the perfect phrase; with experience in crafting text for a variety of audiences, I can uncover those hard-to-find words for any situation.


I’ll help you polish your website copy – as a third party editor, I can analyze it without bias and correct any overseen inconsistencies.


That final step before sending an important document to print or launching your website is easier when you have the eyes of an expert checking things one last time.

So Much More

More than just a wordsmith, I’m also a project manager and offer a range of other custom services to help with company branding, outreach and online growth.


Lisa Hoekstra

I’ve been writing and editing for over 10 years… across a wide variety of industries. Learn more About Me to see if I’d make a good fit for your team or project.

Quench Magazine

“Lisa Hoekstra is an astute professional, who thinks on her feet while getting things done promptly and efficiently. She worked her way from being a freelancer to the editorial lead on all Quench Digital projects.”

Aldo Parise
Editorial Director

Care is There

“Skillful, reliable, proactive, efficient, courteous, cheerful, flexible, and a great listener: that’s how I describe Lisa Hoekstra. She listens to what we want to accomplish, then carries it out beautifully without any supervision; in fact she often improves upon what we could envision and follows up with us if we drop the ball. Lisa is a highly valued member of our team and has helped take our business to the next level.”

Elizabeth Swider
Founder and President

Joy Works Marketing

“Lisa is such a pleasure to work with! She is not only an amazing copywriter but understands our business and customers. She is able to see the bigger picture, provide feedback on strategies as well as write engaging content. She has been an important part of our team and I am looking forward to working with her in the years to come.”

Danielle Forrest

Tips & Advice

I love learning new things. I also love sharing the things I've learned with the world.
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